Dragon Fun in the Nursery Classroom

5 02 2011

Coming soon Nursery Teacher Simon Airey tells us all about the fun the children had with dragons in the nursery classroom.

Well done Simon, for sharing with us how much the nursery children enjoyed themselves!

The Scrumbler Magazine Issue 3

5 02 2011

Pick up a copy of issue 3 of The Scrumbler magazine and try a writing workshop based on Jan Dean’s poem I am the Dragon, Fire.


Exciting Dragon Writing Workshops with Angela Topping

3 08 2010

Coming soon writer and poet Angela Topping keeps us posted with her Dragon themed writing workshops.

I can’t wait! Wish I was one of the lucky children taking part.

Karen x

Update on dragon spotting.

13 07 2010

Lost by Celia Warren has inspired the children in one classroom to make their dragon. Their teacher shares what she has been doing in her classroom to inspire writing:

I used ‘Lost’ and ‘To Make an Ogre’ (we wrote To Make a Dragon).  The children loved all the dragon work – we also used ‘How to Train your Dragon’ for a long unit on persuasive writing (adverts, posters, leaflets and letters).

Deidre (the dragon) still needs to be finished – the eyes need doing (might just put some false eyelashes on her) and the wings need attaching somehow?

Thanks to another inspirational teacher for capturing the imaginations of our children with dragons. I know all of us can’t wait to see their work.

Now does anyone have any tips for attaching those wings?

A dragon has been spotted!

12 07 2010

In a classroom near you!

Mrs Hill’s class great dragon writing update

6 07 2010

Not only is their wonderful writing praised by Pie Corbett but poet Bernard Young has been reading it too and left them a lovely comment. Thank you Bernard for your support with this exciting project.

If you want to read more about Bernard Young then check out his website:


If you want to read the writing from Mrs Hill’s class then follow this link:


Dragons in Your Classrooms Update for Mrs Hill’s Class

2 07 2010

Hi Mrs Hill’s class just thought I’d share my exciting news with you. I sent your poems to my friend Pie Corbett and this is what he said:

Dear Karen – it makes it all worthwhile – creativity rules. Great stuff – I’m as chuffed as a chuffed person!!

atb Pie
So you see your poetry is absolutely fabulous. Well done to you and your wonderfully creative teacher Mrs Hill.
Keep Writing!

Dragons in Your Classrooms Update

17 06 2010

Mrs Hill shares the work from her year 5 and 6 classroom.


I know you will agree Mrs Hill’s classroom sounds like a fun, exciting and wonderful place to be. Again this just shows the magic of dragons!

Coming soon – Acrostic poems inspired by Ice Dragons by Eric Finney

17 06 2010

We were thrilled to read some wonderful poems by a year 6 class from a school in Surrey, following reading and discussing Ice Dragons by Eric Finney with their teacher.

Ice Dragons illustration by Sue Hardy-Dawson


This week the inspiring writers are writing poems about how dragons fly following a special request for poems on the subject by their teacher. Our two wonderful poets Liz Brownlee and Angela Topping came to the rescue with two wonderful poems. Thanks Liz & Angela, I know we’re all waiting to read what these new poems inspire!

Remember if you want to be involved in this exciting project – just get in touch! We’re now taking bookings for 2010 – 2011.

Thanks to Angela Topping and Liz Brownlee

16 06 2010

One of the teachers involved in the trial made a request last week for a poem on how dragons fly and two of the wonderful poets involved in There’s No Smoke Without Dragons came to the rescue so it is a big thank you from me to Angela Topping and LIz Brownlee.

We’d also like to thank the children involved in the year 6 class and I have had a sneaky look at your Ice Dragon acrostic poems and thought they were brilliant. You are really talented writers who happen to have a great teacher too! I know myself and all the writers involved can’t wait to see more of your writing.