Hello world and welcome to our new There’s No Smoke Without Dragons Blog!

18 04 2010

There’s No Smoke Without Dragons is an exciting new poetry anthology featuring poems by the country’s top children’s poets! Read interviews with the writers: www.letsstartwriting.com    

Fly through the skies with the Cloud Dragon; discover what dragons dream with Celia Warren and enjoy a what a Dragon Gourmet Says.    

We look forward to more fabulous work from Mr A and his south London Primary School who continue on their dragon adventure that we started last half term and now we are joined by Mrs J’s lovely class on the Shetland Isles who are going to befriend some of the fiercest dragons in the anthology during their Volcano work!    

All the writers involved are looking forward to seeing the work you produce and I know I am looking forward to working with your teachers  in making your lessons fun! I’m sure we’ll all enjoy this project, more and more as it grows. I know I find the idea of using poetry in such an innovative way very exciting and I know children will too.    

The There's No Smoke Without Dragons Dragon


If you would like a Dragon themed workshop then just ask and I’m sure one of the writers or illustrators  involved will be only to happy to tailor make your workshop to your requirements.  I know we’re all excited about our dragons and can’t wait to take them into schools and libraries.    

Contact: nosmokewithoutdragons@hotmail.com




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