There’s No Smoke Update

21 04 2010

News from the wonderful Mr Airey: 

Have had a fabulous day starting my literacy unit on dragons homes…. We have had flapping around the classroom to get to the crystal cave.  A chinese dragon picture and a dragon guarding the castle for his mum!!!! FFFFFFFFAAAAAABBBBBBBBUUUUULLLLLLOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! 

We’re looking forward to hear the news from Mr Airey about today’s reading of Waiting by Liz Brownlee and how the children enjoyed this poem. 

And in Shetland Mrs J said, “we read some poems today then brainstormed different kinds of dragons with their special features as well as where they might live and what they might look like….” 

Then the lovely Bev Evans contacted us to say her Media Studies Club will be producing some dragon animations, audacity produced multi-layered performances and some movies. 

Everyone is so excited especially the dragons. 

One of the dragons thinking...




2 responses

21 04 2010
V. Kathryn Evans

AM loving this – has a life all of its own…

21 04 2010

I am thinking of what we could do if we had Arts Council Funding……

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