Exciting news (group poems and colourful dragons)

22 04 2010

Adrian Mills  Illustrator  just contacted me to tell me the good news – our colourful dragon may be finished very soon.  

Sue and I are very excited by this as we don’t have any colourful dragons in our collection so Adrian’s dragon will be made very welcome.  


Roger Stevens  Dragon poem about riding the dragon and finding uncharted lands started me thinking of going on a Dragon Spotting Holiday, I wrote:  

Dragon Spotting Holiday

I woke up today
and knew it was
time for a dragon spotting holiday.


I packed my suitcase
with all that I would need: 


We then started a group poem and lots of ideas got thrown into the melting pot.  

Michael Alexander said I’d need:  

Binoculars, rucksack, large fishing net
A big green raincoat in case it is wet
Sensible shoes, and don’t forget that
Flames can burn, so a fire proof hat!
Roger Stevens said these items would be very useful:
Gold, for luring
The Observer Book of Identifying Dragons
Small rodents (also for luring)
Small mammals (for luring particularly large dragons)
An Acme Quick-pack Portable Dragon Hide…
The Hobbit (to read in hide whilst waiting)
Jackie Morris disagreed and said I would need:
a brush for applying the spots to a dragon
and a very big paint pot on the back of a wagon.
Some wings
and things
that sparkle and shine…..
Philip Wadell said, ” The Collins Book is also very good for identifying the beasts. The 2008 edition is the most recent and best. An inflatable maiden is distress is excellent for getting dragons near enough to accurately ID them but have a good supply of Cool mints to hand to placate them when they find they’ve been tricked. Also up to date membership of Knights On Call in case you attract one with a particularly poor sense of humour.”
Angela Topping told me that I’d need:
Germolene for accidental burns
a scythe for slashing though the ferns
a digicam or no one will believe you
a friend so someone can relieve you
Sue Hardy-Dawson resonded with:
“bare in mind to always read the backs of fire equipment before using,
always use dragon aproved chemicals. Remember to use a damp tea cloth because pouring water directly into the mouth of a very hot dragon can make it explode in your face, or maybe that’s just chip pans?”
Michael Alexander replied:
You need a quaint wooden whistle, you know the one
That sounds like a rumble deep down in your tum
A dragon can hear it from an incredible distance
and thinks it’s another in need of assistance
Who needs a young maiden to gnaw and to gnash…
and before you know it, he’s there in a flash
Just make sure you’re hiding, when he comes by
Or you will be turned into baked Human pie.
Vicki Bell thought:
Perhaps I will need a flame-retardant suit
For the dragon, when angry, just doesn’t compute
That toasted marshmallows are really quite scrummy…
He’d much prefer to have human flesh in his tummy!
Can you write a poem called Dragon Spotting Holiday?
What dragons will I see?
I’ll share what the writers involved said very soon.





4 responses

22 04 2010

you got some brilliant answers here! I love Phillip Wadell’s answer! he he he

22 04 2010

Heather, do you know of any dragon stories from Finland?

23 04 2010

What about the dragon’s perspective on this, St George’s Day? I think we should know!

23 04 2010
No Smoke Without Dragons

Great idea Philippa! Jan Dean’s poem I am the Dragon, Fire is from the dragon’s perspective and he is a very fierce dragon! I’m not sure he’s be a good one to talk to on such a day as today St George’s Day. Maybe we could get a quick chat with Michael Alexander’s Pet Dragon though he was naughty at the vets he seems like a jolly nice chap!
Watch this space!

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