A Dragon’s Perspective of St George’s Day

23 04 2010

I had a bit of a think about this after writer K. M. Lockwood suggested we interview one of the dragons about St George’s Day. 

I decided I had better chat to one of the friendlier dragons as there was no way I’d be asking Jan Dean’s I am the Dragon, Fire any questions as he’s way too frightening and just the thought of talking to him makes me tremble at the knees. 

Coming soon an interview with Michael Alexander’s Pet Dragon…. 

I tried all day to contact Michael but he and his Pet Dragon were off on a bike ride. The dragon is just taking a shower before tea and will talk to me later this evening! 

I tell you Michael and his dragon have far too much fun! My dragon just sits in my purse cursing if I disturb her as I rummage for silver. 

Karen's Dragon that lives in her purse




5 responses

23 04 2010
V. Kathryn Evans

I’ll speak for Alfred as he’s currently up Mount Snowdon looking for a nest site – the family having grown out of the one on Pen y Fan. Anyway, I texted him and, shortly before he sneezed and set fire to his mobile he wrote this:
V. Positive :O) Onwards and Upwards! Did you send that cheese parcel? A.

I think what he means is , if it’s good enough, which it is, something will turn up xxx

23 04 2010
No Smoke Without Dragons

Goodness me, Dragons eat cheese? I never knew that. Glad to hear that his family are growing nicely, will they be visiting the farm this summer?

Send my love to Alfred when he gets a new mobile.

24 04 2010
Martin Crumpton

My dragon sleeps most of the time. The flames burn angrier in waking hours as a result. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been singed. Good for BBQs though.

Unfortunately, the cheese my dragon enjoys is not the same cheese as I enjoy so it can get darned expensive seeing as I eat a lot of cheese. Particularly anything blue and anything with holes.

I’m hoping my dragon wakes in a good mood this morning; it would make for a positive start to the weekend. However, there’s always the garden hose I keep handy just outside the back door. A quick dousing with cold water tends to keep the fire breathing beast in check!

24 04 2010
No Smoke Without Dragons

Martin, you kept your dragon ownership a bit quiet! I mean I knew about Michael’s as he’s always taking Terry out and blabbing about how much fun they’ve had on Facebook but it’s good to know that another dragon is in good care. You know I’d never though how useful Pet Dragons are going to be in the summer with lighting the barbeque and keeping the air wasp free.
I look forward to hearing more about your dragon – what’s his name?

24 04 2010
Martin Crumpton

Her name in fact. It’s Dewlee. 🙂

I’m thinking of having a BBQ later so I will tease Dewlee a little so that the flame burns brightly. Enough to start a fire but not enough to singe my sausages.

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