An Interview with a Pet Dragon

24 04 2010

As we know yesterday was St George’s Day which is obviously very sensitive for dragons so we were delighted to have Michael Alexander’s Pet Dragon to talk to and get a dragon’s perspective of St George’s Day.

Hello Karen, I have had a chat with my dragon, whose name is Terry, and he was very keen to put over a dragon’s side of the story.
I personally don’t really celebrate St George’s Day, my dragon would only sulk if I did, and a sulking dragon is hard work.  They burn things, claiming it was ‘a complete accident’, although my children find it a good excuse at school.  “Sorry, Sir, my dragon burnt my homework…”
Anyway, Terry says that the poor dragon that St George fought, was simply enjoying a nice bath in the lake, when this grumpy man on a horse charged at him out of nowhere, speared him in the arm, and then dragged him around town like a donkey!  The dragon in question had never harmed anyone who wasn’t actually given to him to eat, and he prefered sheep much more!
Terry never met ‘St’ George, he is quite a young dragon (342 next birthday), but on behalf on dragons everywhere, he is quite indignant about the whole incident!
What can I say, dragons are tricky pets!



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