There’s No Smoke Without Dragons

28 04 2010

Through diving into a wonderful collection of dragon-themed poetry, children are taken on a series of adventures:  down deep underground where sleeping dragons lie; up, up high into the sky to fly with dragons from Mars, an  invitation to a dragon tea party and the chance to discover what a dragon gourmet says.

The collection of poems has a real variety from humorous verse, haiku, shape poems, limericks to thought-provoking verse. The anthology is  accessible to a young child but also appealing to an older audience.

There’s No Smoke Without Dragons poetry anthology has new and previously unpublished poems by top poets – Gerard Benson, Catherine Benson, Liz Brownlee, Paul Cookson, Pie Corbett, Graham Denton, Jan Dean, Sue Hardy-Dawson, Donald Nelson, Roger Stevens, Angela Topping, Jill Townsend,  Celia Warren, Philip Waddell and Bernard Young. There are also previously published poems from Nick Toczek, Eric Finney, and John Foster, as well as poems from new writers.




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