A dragon has been spotted!

12 07 2010

In a classroom near you!




7 responses

12 07 2010
Celia Warren

Oh, isn’t he splendid! What a fiery dragon. (Are his eyes closed? – Must be the heat!) 🙂

12 07 2010
Jan Dean


13 07 2010
Sue Hardy-Dawson

Brilliant love him better go and check the cat’s OK

13 07 2010
Sue Hardy-Dawson


20 07 2010

Oh my god! I cant believe the dragon is on here 😀 Well, Im in Year 5 in that school so, I helped made it in independant sessions in the afternoons, I think im the only child in year 5 to find it! GO ME! We have finished the dragon, we have added wings and it has eyes. She is called Deadry 😀 She is currently in the library reading a book in our school. 🙂

20 07 2010
No Smoke Without Dragons

Well done Jennifer on finding your dragon. She loves being on the internet and having people say how gorgeous she is. Whar books is she reading? I know all the writers were very impressed with the great work produced by your class. Mrs Hill is a great teacher, can you ask her to send me a new photo so we can all see the wings and eyes.

24 07 2010

. Deadry is reading how to train your dragon and loads of adventure books. We changed the wing design because when we put the mod rock onto the skeleton part…. umm… We got it all over the side and we couldnt fit the wings on. So we had to change it from rainbow wings to greeny/goldish wings. When we done the modrock thing we got it all over the floor! It took about a week to clean it all up!

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