Update on dragon spotting.

13 07 2010

Lost by Celia Warren has inspired the children in one classroom to make their dragon. Their teacher shares what she has been doing in her classroom to inspire writing:

I used ‘Lost’ and ‘To Make an Ogre’ (we wrote To Make a Dragon).  The children loved all the dragon work – we also used ‘How to Train your Dragon’ for a long unit on persuasive writing (adverts, posters, leaflets and letters).

Deidre (the dragon) still needs to be finished – the eyes need doing (might just put some false eyelashes on her) and the wings need attaching somehow?

Thanks to another inspirational teacher for capturing the imaginations of our children with dragons. I know all of us can’t wait to see their work.

Now does anyone have any tips for attaching those wings?




One response

24 07 2010

I also did this too. 🙂 I didnt do ” to make a dragon” I done a Haiku poem! A haiku poem is where there are 3 lines. The first line has 5 syllables, for the second it had 7 and the last has 5. It was soooo fun 😀

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