Your Dragon Poems

A page to share some of the lovely poems inspired by There’s No Smoke Without Dragons.

Send us your dragon poems

This is a lovely poem from Katy A 

To the Fire Furnace

Cave lit by fiery furnace

glowing red and amber flames

the dragon stokes the fiery funrnace

and waits licking his lips

KNIGHT – you shouldn’t have gone in there!

Bones crunch we won’t be seeing him again!

By Katy aged 9. Southampton.

Katy’s brother Fred aged 7 wrote:

The Black Dragon King

Scary black dragon

with ruby red eyes

flies in the

endless sea of


By Fred aged 7. Southampton.

Poet Roger Stevens was inspiring budding writers at a writing workshop in a school in Basildon where this poem was written and it wasn’t by Roger but a 10 year old! I am sure you’ll agree it’s absolutely brilliant.

I was born in the middle of the Earth’s core
In the deepest layer of rock
I was on my own, alone
I had to make my way out of the blunderous boulders
To the wilderness above

I know the secrets of the air
I know the ways of history
I know what is right and wrong
I also know all the passageways of all caves

I am the hero and villain
I am the king of all kings
I am the loved and hated one
I am the fiercest creature
I am the fire, like my skin
For I am the dragon of all dragons

My name is Erif
I will reign forever

Carianne W. Aged 10. Basildon.

4 responses

22 04 2010

Great poems!

22 04 2010
Sue Hardy-Dawson


22 04 2010
V. Kathryn Evans

Fantastic poems!!!

22 04 2010

Wow, I love Carianne’s!

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