Mrs Hill’s Class

It has been fabulous to hear from Mrs Hill about the exciting writing happening in her year 5 and 6 class. I know that Mrs Hill has been using the poems from There’s No Smoke Without Dragons to help improve the children’s writing and from what we’ve seen it is certainly working!

Here is an outline from Mrs Hill about what has been happening in her classroom:


Dragon Adventures

Lesson 1 and 2

We read Waiting by Liz Brownlee and Ice Dragons by Eric Finney and use them a stimulus for describing a setting.

The following are some of the results of that lesson.

Where Dragons Live

The forest was a dark and gloomy place. The wind was shaking the leaves of the trees. The atmosphere was windy and cold. She shivered as she crunched through the brown and dead leaves. Then suddenly breaking the silence there came a spine chilling roar.

Rayna Y6

In a cold, cold cavern away from the surface of the earth lay a dragon. Around it lay an army of skeletons, some shattered, some still intact.

Isabel Y5

The dragon lives at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, where nothing can find it. It is a barren place, eerily silent.

Kit Y5

The cave is dark and gloomy. It is freezing, as cold as the North Pole, colder. You can hear water dripping from the sharp spikes jutting out of the ceiling. Ice covers the floor, shining in the dim light. The cave is on the side of an extinct volcano in northern Scotland. In the cave as the dragon stirs you can see his tail moving slowly to the back of the cave.

Katie Y6

The cave was filled with snow. As white as a cloud… It was hollow, every time you speak, it’ll repeat the last word you said. There were icicles dangling from the roof.

Alyssa Y6

Far away deep in a thick misty fog a massive cave high on a mountain. The cave is dark, damp and rocky, a home to a fierce dragon. The beast has door sized scales all over its body and teeth as long as a car and talons so sharp they cut through concrete with one swipe. It also has great wings that could swipe a house down.

Lewis Y6

Lesson 2

We read Sky Dragon by John Foster. We used this as a stimulus to describe a dragon’s personality.

Here are some of the results of that lesson


What are dragons like?

The dragon arose in fury. She raced to the front of her cave in anger. She was very protective of her eggs. She was fearless and aggressive but also a very sensitive dragon.

Charlotte Y6

The powerful, aggressive female dragon soars down to protect the eggs. Fearless and brave she conquers anything that stands in her way. She is very territorial. She is mean and quick tempered when enemies are near. She is also very strong and vicious.

Mia Y5

Deep down in the hole a tail lashed agitatedly. Now the eggs were here she had become more angry at creatures that came into her hole. There was more fire- breathing and roaring. But even with this there was a calmness when she was on her own and fearless of all the creatures outside her cave. The dragon had a strong heart which kept her together and did not despair at hard times.

Annabelle Y5

The protective dragon ran at her prey. Holding back was no option as she had her babies to feed. She was territorial and fearless. She was an angry and vicious animal.

Hope Y6



But best of all the writing hasn’t just been happening in the classroom, take a look at these wonderful acrostic poems that year 5 and 6 did for homework. They are inspired by Ice Dragons by Eric Finney.

Ice Dragon – Acrostic Poems

In the

Cold cave









Hope Y6

Incredibly strong

Cold blooded






One eyed

Never nervous.


Morgan Y6









Over and over again

Never ending.


Archie Y6

Inside caves of ice they live,

Capturing prey to gobble, munch,

Eat and crunch.

Do they breathe fire? I hear you ask.

Red fire? No!

All they breathe is solid ice!

Ghastly monsters with spikes

On their backs.

No one go near if ice dragons attack,

So keep well away or be frozen forever.


Joanne Y5

Ice caves are where the beasts live.

Cold as an cube melting down your back.

Each of them have their own treasure.

Dragons like no other

Red scales as hot as fire

All of them have the same

Green blood dripping from their wounds

On every rock in their cave they sit

Nothing can set them free.


Maisie Y5

If you dare to enter his cave

Curses forever haunt you

Even if you try escape

Deep down you shiver

Red eyes stare into your soul

And an ice cold heart pounds

Give up, the dragon has won

On your journey to his jail you go

Never to return.


Sancta Y6

Well done guys your writing is brilliant and you should be very proud of yourselves. I know that all the writers involved are impressed with your writing.

A big thank you to Mrs Hill for believing in dragons!


4 responses

17 06 2010
6 07 2010

Great dragon writing. Well done to Mrs Hill and all her writers.

6 07 2010
No Smoke Without Dragons

Thanks Bernard Young (one of my favourite poets) for taking the time to read this excellent dragon writing.


12 07 2010
Jan Dean

There are some wonderfullly atmospheric pieces here. Some of them well on the way to being poems about ‘weather dragons’. If you revisit any of your writing that might be an interesting way to develop them. Love the character pieces and the acrostics too. Very inventive.

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