Dragons Make Tricky Pets

Many of us have found this out the hard way and have ended up with singed rugs or worse still red faces of embarrassment after they’ve caused uproar at the Vets. Dragons absolutely hate going to the vets but what else can you do when you’ve got a dragon with a chesty cough? If you leave it untreated then you’ll return home to find your dragon sat on the burning embers of what used to be your home!   

A Tricky Pet


Dragons are terrible sulkers, you only have to look at them in the wrong way and that’s it they’ll go and hide under the shed refusing to talk to you. Not even the smell of a chunk of Stilton has any effect on getting them to come out. And they absolutely love cheese but once they are in one of their moods then that’s it, it’ll be about a week before they’ll talk to you.  If they are in a sulk then be careful because a sulking dragon will be in such a terrible mood that they will steal things and hide them.  Popular hiding places for dragon treasure (it’s really your treasure as it’s actually stolen) are the cupboard under the stairs, under the shed and down the plughole of the bath. Dragons have been known to hide treasure in compost bins as well as in garden ponds. Do make sure you watch your dragon’s movements  carefully just incase he steals something of great value or importance.   

They are a difficult pet to keep, as they often grow so big that the human home is not really suitable for a dragon to live in. In extreme cases of overgrown huge dragons, the Fire Brigade have to be called to help remove a trapped huge dragon from an upstairs bedroom. Baby dragons are fine and often like a sock drawer to sleep in and there are species of miniature dragons available in exclusive pet shops but they are far more costly that your average pet dragon.   

You have to keep your dragon fit but it’s not like walking a dog as dragons hate the whole chasing a ball around a field and get very grumpy when given a dog toy to play with so please don’t do it as it will only get your dragon into a strop. The best exercise for a dragon is for you to ride him high into the clouds and practice his range of flying stunts.   

I’m sure my fellow dragon pet owners will also have tips to share with you.

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24 04 2010


A dragon’s a difficult pet.
Its fire may go out when it’s wet.
In the house it is certain
To tear every curtain,
So get its claws clipped at the vet.

A dragon’s a dangerous pet.
Its roar can make visitors fret.
If it contracts a cough
Don’t turn your taps off:
Burned-down houses can leave you in debt.

© Celia Warren, 2010

24 04 2010
No Smoke Without Dragons

Celia that is wonderful 🙂 Reads aloud beautifully and I love the rhyme beatifully crafted 🙂
And further informs us of why dragons hate vets so much, I bet it must hurt if you don’t get your claws clipped and youu get an ingrowing one bet that causes a dragon a lot of pain.

For more of Celia’s poetry then follow this link and enjoy the Poetry Box

24 04 2010
Sue Hardy-Dawson

Love it Celia

17 11 2010
Vitamin Water

i would usually visit pet shops because my dog and cats can eat so much pet food in one day ‘.”

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